The Sageworks suite of web-based credit and portfolio risk management solutions can be accessed from any location, and the solutions may be combined for an integrated system or used individually. They also integrate with a financial institution’s core processing system to save time and reduce duplicate data entry.

Sageworks ALLL

Sageworks ALLL is an allowance for loan and lease losses solution that bankers use to streamline reserve estimation and documentation.

  • Automate a cumbersome, manual process to allow more time for analysis
  • Comply with FAS 5, FAS 114, and disclosure requirements, as well as FAS 91 and SOP 03-3 using Sageworks Accounting for Purchased Loans
  • Impress examiners with defensible calculations and documented assumptions

Sageworks Stress Testing

Sageworks Stress Testing performs both top down and bottom up stress testing to help bankers stress portfolio concentrations and borrower relationships.

  • See the impact of interest rate, collateral value, and cash flow changes on bank earnings and portfolio risk
  • Utilize customized filters to segment portfolio concentrations
  • Create reports necessary to present to management, the board, and examiners

Sageworks Credit Analysis

Sageworks Credit Analysis is a credit spreading and analysis platform that bankers use to calculate global cash flow for even complex borrowers.

  • Ensure accurate and consistent global cash flow analysis
  • Make more profitable credit decisions by viewing the impact of proposed loans on financial metrics
  • Build consistency through easy-to-use tax return input screens

Sageworks Loan Administration

Sageworks Loan Administration tracks document and covenant exceptions and reduces administrative workloads related to portfolio monitoring and reporting.

  • Easily generate document and covenant compliance reports
  • Automate client correspondence
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements with consistent processes

Sageworks Risk Rating

Sageworks Risk Rating allows bankers to rate portfolio loans through flexible templates.

  • Ensure consistent and objective risk ratings using quantitative and qualitative factors
  • Impress examiners with detailed documentation
  • Better evaluate a portfolio's risk level

Sageworks Workflow

Sageworks Workflow is designed to give executives the chance to create custom processes and easily manage them throughout the life of the loan, making Sageworks an end-to-end solution.

  • Increase profitability by improving turnaround time and staff efficiency
  • Report on staff efficiency within credit workflows and the staff’s pipeline

Available Add-Ons:

Document Library

Sageworks Document Library is an add-on to other Sageworks products and allows bankers to securely store key documents and images.

  • Build an online library of important client files that can be accessed by any branch
  • Attach documents directly to customers, financial data, collateral, ticklers, and loan pools

Consulting & Training

Sageworks offers customizable training to ensure our customers feel confident using Sageworks’ solutions.

  • Request on-site or web-based training to meet the bank's or credit union's needs
  • Benefit from the experience of consultants who have worked with hundreds of banks