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Automate the Calculation

and spend 80% less time on the ALLL, allowing more time for planning

Defend the Reserve

with thorough documentation and consistent, robust loss rate and impairment calculations

Stress Testing

Understand Portfolio Risk

through concentration stress tests that show potential losses in scenarios

Satisfy Examiners

with stress tests that also inform strategic decisions and credit-policy development

Credit Analysis

Book Loans Faster

with consistency and transparency, while managing risk

Make Accurate Credit Decisions

using global analysis and real-time industry benchmarks for the borrower

Loan Administration

Save Time

by automating correspondence, reporting and updates from the core system

Assess Portfolio Risk

with up to 15 standard reports tracking ticklers, covenants, exceptions and correspondence

About Sageworks

Sageworks provides private company financial information and develops financial analysis and risk management solutions. By doing so, we hope to give people information they can understand and use, which helps them make better financial decisions.


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